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Welcome to Solent Cougars SC

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The club was formed early in 2000. During a Sunday rideout, a couple of people who were feeling quite disillusioned by the scene in Southampton thought it would be a good idea to try and set up a new scooter club. The name was resurrected from an old Southampton club, which was originally formed in 1982. Members have come and gone over the years but on average we have 70 members at any given time. The members have run the club, with many having served time on the committee, organising activities and events.

Since the club was formed we have attended many do’s and rallies all over the country, resulting in fantastic good memories. For many of us France (The Beetsugar Run) will stand out. But also Camber Sands, where as a club we have won best turned out club several years running. We also participated in the fancy dress at Camber and despite their best efforts, few people would be able to forget the Village People look.

A summer do, which has now become a two day event. This has got bigger and better each year, and is very reminiscent of 1980’s rallies when the weather is good. We shouldn’t forget how much time and effort goes in to the organisation of this event and all help is gratefully received. We also have an end of season do. As a club we have good links with local bands, and have showcased several of these at our do’s over the years. We also apreciate the support that we get from them. Club members receive free entry to both our summer and end of season do’s, and a discounted price to our Christmas meal (piss up). We have also put on one off events such as the family day out and the summer bbq.


Are you all suffering from post winter blues? Well get out to our do 9th December at the Soul Cellar. Live band - The Reason will be on stage at 9pm followed by Matt and Vanessa (Room 101) plus guest DJ. Open until 3.00am, I am sure you can be trollied by then! Tell your mates, aunties, uncles, friends, neighbours, etc the more the merrier. £4.00 otd. P.S. it’s Dave Rooke’s birthday! Would you like one more ride on your trusty scoot? Well then get down to Mayflower Park (near the old pier, for those who don’t know) Saturday 16th December 10.30am.

All southern clubs have been invited to ride on mass to the General hospital with a toy (not a ladies toy) to donate to hospitalised children. You should write on the label whether your gift is for a boy or girl. Be good to see a good turnout, weather permitting. Seeing most people break up from work early for Xmas, we thought it would be a good idea to give you something to do, so to while away the hours we are going to have a good old drink together to celebrate the passing of the year and the coming of Santa, (lucky bloke) on Saturday 23 December, The chosen lucky pub for us to start with will be The Standing Order (cheap as shit,I mean chip’s) 4.00pm start 'til last one standing. Would be good to see you all, even if it’s only for a quick pint. Contrary to popular belief women are to be included and welcomed. It is not men only! Does anybody have any ideas for News Years Eve, a good place to go etc? If you have- let us know and we will let everyone know on the bat phone?

Explore Southampton by scooter

When you feel that stress levels are too high and your problems seem unsolvable, you definitely need a break. Come to Southampton, wander around the south eastern region of England and enjoy the wonderful attractions offered by the largest city on the south coast of England. Venture in this city on a scooter and you will certainly have enough time to explore its beautiful gems!

A trip to remember

Located only 70 miles away from London, Southampton is a heaven on earth where you will fully recharge your batteries when you need a short vacation. Rent a scooter and wander around this city’s tourist attractions in a comfortable way. Drive on your own schedule, depart from the scooter club and head wherever you might want to go. Visit Tudor House on Bugle Street, admire its impressive details and venture in its appealing gardens.

Do not miss Southampton Maritime Museum, place where you will uncover some interesting things about the past of this city. The museum itself is established on a building that dates back to the 13th Century, but the exhibits displayed here will really amaze you. Spend some time visiting the Titanic exhibition and pass by the small shop to get some souvenirs to remember you of this delightful vacation.

Hop on your scooter and enjoy riding towards Bargate, this illustrative example of medieval architecture. It currently houses an art gallery, yet this building used to be a prison and the guildhall of the city. Discover the history of Southampton along the Heritage Walls and do not even think of checking cams. Enjoy every moment spent in this remarkable city and consider that both days and nights are entertaining here.

The nice folks from Solent Cougars scooter club will guide you to the most appreciated night clubs in Southampton. Music venues, funky bars and historic pubs are spread all over the streets hence even the tastes of the most pretentious partygoers will be satisfied. Banana Wharf, Café Parfait, Junk and Club 4 are only some of the greatest venues in Southampton. Take your time to visit them all with your friends from Solent Cougars and jump on your scooters to drive from one place to another.

Whether you will stay in a Bed & Breakfast accommodation or in a luxury hotel, you must consider the neighbourhood where you wish to stay. There are many tourist attractions in The Old Town and The Cultural Quarter, but the West Quai is renowned for the shopping spots. However, renting a scooter and driving on the gorgeous streets of this port city will allow you to reach from one point to another in a timely manner, while you will also get the most of the city and pass by delightful buildings and locals.

When you will want to have a lunch break, Grand Café and Ennio’s are some of the most appreciated restaurants. Try the traditional recipes and feel how the flavours will charm your palate. Explore the best of this city, wander around on a scooter and you will certainly have an unforgettable adventure.

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